Saturday, February 16, 2013

A 27 KiloWatt Install in Garden Grove , California

By Joe Joson | California USA
February 2013

Another milestone for Mendoza Solar .  This 27 KW PV System used 105  255-Watt panels. This was installed on the flat roof of a Print Shop.
Month 1 (one) after power is turned on to this system ,  the netmetering system has had time to perform  its job of monitoring and calculating power produced by the PV system versus power provided by the Electric Power Utility Company .

This results in the print shop's  Kwhr reading for the month (their electric bill)  will be equal to or very close to Zero Dollars  , by design.

The netmetering allows the customer to record all power flowing in and out of the building.  The  system produces all the power during the day for its consumption at night when the panels do not produce power.

With zero dollars on your electric bill every month , you now apply your old electric bill payments towards the loan.  This loan payment will be less than your old electric bill payment.  This means money in your pocket while paying into the loan. When your loan is paid off in say 5-10 years , your electricity will be FREE for the next 20 to 30 plus years.

Facing south , the panels make use of the building's rooftop to 
generate power.

The Team!

S,K. Ang , our partner from Malaysia/California.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

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