Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mendoza Solar & Lim Solar Business Opportunity Philippines

Mendoza Solar and Lim Solar are working together to bring Solar Power to the Philippines.  We are ready to communicate with potential clients, discuss  plans and implement  projects.

Our target markets: Electric Power Companies and Electric Cooperatives, Corporations, Farms, Schools, Universities and just about any entity who wish to eliminate their huge power bills and start saving.

We are also looking for local Consultants to act as our marketing agents and liaison on projects.

For questions please contact us at:

Winston L. Mendoza - CEO

Mendoza Solar LLC
Cell Phone 714.299.7204
714.741.3977 Toll Free: 888.821.5469
FAX 714.784.7617
License# 183326
Corporate address: 10956 Sidney Pl. Garden Grove, CA. 92840


Joe Joson

Cell: 714 348 2661

Emails :  OR

Our facebook page:

Thank you. Looking forward to working with you all.

Joe Joson
California , USA

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