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Winston L. Mendoza Resume’

Below is Mr. Winston L. Mendoza's resume':

•    Winston L. 
Mendoza    Work Tel. 888.821.5469 or cell 714.299.7204

•    Email address: : WWW.MENDOZASOLAR.COM

Philippines: : 
            : Limsolar Website is under construction

•    Work location: Mendoza Solar LLC  Home Office at 10956 Sidney Pl .Garden Grove, CA. 92840: Branch offices:  o Buena Park o Westminster oFullerton o Arcadia o Pasadena o Long Beach

•    Mechanical Engineering – 1966

•    Information System (IS) Computing: International Data Processing Institute, 
New York, N.Y. 1969.

•    Systems Analysis – 
La Salle University Extension, Illinois. – 1972

•    Application Programmer/Operations Supervisor: Farrell Lines 2 Broadway
New York, N.Y.: 1967 – 1969

•    Operations/Assistant D.P.  Mgr. – Hitachi Sales Corp. 1969 -1974

•    Programmer/Analyst/Sr. Section/Department  Mgr.: McDonnell Douglas – 1989 – 1993 Duties:
    Responsible for writing aerospace sales analysis programs, member of the team that developed the Customer Online Ordering Process (COOP) from 1974 to 1980, implemented to all aerospace companies in western hemisphere

•    Management: Dept. Mgr. 16 FTE: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Data Base Management/Storage Management, Managed 500+ Databases; 1.2 Terabyte of Mainframe DASD. I/S – 1992

•    IBM Mgr./Project Mgr./Transition Mgr. IBM Corp. – 1993 – 2009
Client: McDonnell Douglas Corp.

IBM Program/Project Executive:
Team member of large data center relocation from 
Long Beach, CA. to St. Louis, MO., over 2000+ MIPS and 1.2 Terabytes of M/F DASD.

Project Mgr. (1995-1997) Install IMS DB/DC online system connecting St. Louis, MO; Long Beach, CA.; CHINA Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, X’ian,Shenyang, Chengdu and Hong Kong for the 5,000 Trunk Liner airplanes: Transition Mgr. LITIGATION SYSTEMS; 4 SUN SPARC 10, ORACLE, DB; PLASMON DISK 4.0 Terabyte online, 30 Terabyte offline. Worldwide access including US FAA/NTSB.

Project Mgr. Computer Output MicroFiche: Transition/Consolidation/Conversion to ANACOMP XFP 2000, 200+ million frames per month.
Transition Mgr. Rockwell North America output services to IBM Long Beach, CA. output services. BAR System under UNIX, 10 Million images per month, 120+ network printers, i.e. HP, IBM, XEROX, M/F to high speed Xerox LASER printers. SUN Solaris, Oracle DB 7.3.4

Transition Mgr. Time Keeping System; NCR and Sun under UNIX;
Help Center, 5600 users, 7 X 24; 365 days for Airplane Manufacturing, and Space Exploration.
Project Mgr. Comp80/2 system for technical publications; SUN Microsystem SPARC 10; third party software, major Y2K conversion.

Transition Mgr. Engineering Drawing System, HP1000/HP3000 MPX; Airplane Delivery System Control; Aerospace Application. Help Desk, first and second level support Transition Mgr. Plotter consolidation for Aircraft manufacturing, M/F applications, over 16 location nationwide to 4 major location. The McDonnel Douglas Corp. was merged with the BOEING CO. in Aug. 1998, transition will continue until  Oct. 2004. Client: NiSource Corp. Hammond, Indiana  Project Mgr. Replace 328 Xerox Desktop Printers with IBM IP21;  major cost saving; 7 X 24  Help Desk, reduce call wait from 10 minutes average to 30 seconds. Transition to SDC Central in St. Louis, MO. 
IBM Project Mgr; Project Executive  and Transition Mgr. with over 13,000 hours performing all duties according to IBM Delivery Transition Management Process under the IBM Global Service’s Service Delivery Center. Project executive of the FORD/ and Visteon Corp. western Europeautomotive component consolidation from U.K; 
France; Germany to Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Founder: Mendoza Solar LLC – California and Nevada : PHILIPPINE CORPORATIONS:  Lim Solar and Lorenzana Solar –  Manila - Cebu - Davao - Iloilo Bacolod  San Fernando, La Union - 

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By: Joe Joson
California, USA


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