Sunday, June 26, 2011

Basic Nuts and Bolts of Solar Power System

As reported by the Orange County Register, the  solar power industry posted a hefty 67% growth for 2010 and 60 % for part of 2011. Below article shows the basics of how solar power works. To read  more , click on the link below:

Orange County Register on Solar Industry

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Joe Joson

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Press Release Local Solar Installation June 2011

Garden Grove, California

June 2011

   From left to right: Mrs. Jackie Pierce, Mr. Ron Pierce , Mr. Matthew Mitera of Tenco Solar, Riverside and Mr. Eugene Mendoza, COO of Mendoza Solar, LLC.

Garden GroveCalifornia couple beats the utility company by generating their electricity to power their 5000 square foot house in Stanford Ave. in Garden Grove!

Ron and Jackie Pierce , owners of this house decided to take the big step. Here are the immediate results:

  • Prior to the installation of the solar system, their electric bill for October 2011 was $762.20.

  • After installation of the fifteen thousand watt system (15KW), their electric bill for November was $ 19.93!

  • Their latest bill of June 2011 was a negative -$93.85 !   This is money in their pocket from excess power sold back to the utility company!

  • The solar panels are Canadian Solar CS6P e-Modules made in China at a factory just outside of Shanghai.

  • The three Inverters, PV Power 4800 are made in the USA . The panels have a warranty of 25 years and the Inverters have 10 years.

  • Their system of 81 Chinese made panels will generate 23,400 Kilowatt hour (KWh) per year, reduce green house gas emission by 401 tons of CO2, (over 25 years), equivalent to 726,250 miles driven by a medium car, equivalent to 15,978 trees planted, 3,300 Sulfur Dioxide and 1,650 Ozone over the life of the solar electric system.

Jackie used to hate turning on their air conditioner due to very high electric bills. Now she plans to hang Christmas lights during the holidays and keep the water fountain running 24 hours 7 days a week. Big Ron says that during daylight hours, his electric meter spins backwards and he loves his thousands of kilowatt hour credits. And who wouldn’t!

 Eugene Mendoza, COO of Mendoza Solar LLC, recommended a ten thousand watt system but Big Ron insisted on going big at fifteen thousand watts. The system was installed by Matt Mitera of Tenco solar.

Both husband and wife want to be a model in the community and are very conscious about the environment. The solar electric system with no moving parts will generate electricity up to or more than 30 years!

Joe Joson

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